Help Me Choose (HMC) is your IT consultant AI, here to help you choose your tech.

How it really works

HMC works by understanding your requirements from few precisely chosen questions, then recommends the most suitable fit. All recommendations provided are based on the following:

Why I built HMC


It can be difficult to understand all the jargon in the tech market. Sometimes newer products are not worth upgrading to, yet some companies use deceptive marketing practices to deceive consumers into buying barely faster products, and in some cases worse products. In addition, companies tend to hide the specs that show their disadvantages. I believe everyone should have access to unbiased information based on facts when they are making their purchasing decisions. That is why I made HMC to be extremely simple to use, while providing all the necessary information to empower the user to make an informed decision.


Most people don't know or don't have the time to figure out the best tech products for them. This is where HMC makes the process as seamless as possible while only recommending the most suitable tech for your needs. My ultimate goal with HMC is for it to be your own personal IT consultant AI, informing you and recommending to you all your tech needs.

Made with ♥ by Rahim Mando

I'm a tech enthusiast who believes in making the world a better place through AI & Machine Learning.